Starting this weekend we will be back at the Old Town Farmers Market in Scottsdale as well as the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market. We also just started this past Sunday down at the Ahwatukee Farmers Market. Besides some pretty amazing cold pressed juice if I say so myself, there are so many amazing and delicious offerings down at these farmers markets. Stop by to see Diann at the Truce Cleaning Products booth. You will find sustainable and ecologically friendly cleaning products that are helping to offset the chemical laden products that saturate the standard markets. You can find Diann over at the Phoenix Market on Saturday or the Ahwatukee market on Sunday. Or say hello to Mike over at South West Herbs, where “there is literally an herb for everything!” Mike with his dry and profound wisdom (and SW Herbs) are located at the Scottsdale Market as well as the Ahwatukee Market. Or one of my new favorites, 84 year old Ray from Raimondo’s out of the Ahwatukee Market. Ray brings some of that NY/NJ Italian old neighborhood charm as he happily dishes up some AWESOME gluten free italian favorites such as vegetable lasagna and eggplant rollatini. Molto Delizioso!!!

We love the farmers markets as its a chance for us to get out and meet so many wonderful people and to interact and get feedback on our products as well as educate those who are interested in learning. We also love the markets because we get to know some amazing people who are running the neighboring booths as well as stuff our faces on some really delicious and tasty items. Maybe that last part is just me.

So come on out and catch us at the three options over the weekends.




Old Town Scottsdale Market– at the City parking facility at the corner of Brown and 1st Street In the Old Town area. (Next to the Carraige House) 8am to 1pm

Downtown Phoenix Public Market– 14 E Pierce Street in Phoenix 8am to 1pm



Ahwatukee Farmers Market -4700 East Warner Road, Phoenix, Az 85044 (just west of 48th St.=Ahwatukee Community Swim and Tennis Center parking lot) 9am to 1pm

We look forward to seeing you there. We have some new juices to check out such as Involution and Apple Pie. We’ll see you there!