Today is the day. The day it is all worth it. All the hard work that everyone puts in: from the ordering, to the time in the kitchen juicing, to the delivering, to the marketing, the day to day minutia of running an up and coming business. This is the day where we get to interact with YOU.

Every single interaction at our booths at either the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market or the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market is a joy. This is the one day where every single member of our team agrees that it is all worth it. I can only stress enough how much we all enjoy interacting with everyone. The thing is we all believe in our product. We believe in the taste of the juice. We believe in the nutrition that is being offered and we agree that there is a higher consciousness being offered by delivering something in the purest natural state, fresh from the Earth. We believe in our product more and more every day. A huge part of that is the interactions that we have when someone tries our juice for the first time and you see the moment where it all makes sense to them.  Or when someone who tried it for the first time the previous week comes briskly walking up to the booth with an excitement in their eyes to make sure they got to us in time before we sold out. This is an amazing feeling to be part of something so beautiful. To know that you are a part of something that you truly believe in that is so well received and appreciated by those on the receiving end that each interaction gives you goose bumps. Its Phoenix in the spring. Its 95 degrees plus out and I still get chills each and every time.

I absolutely love the day at the market. I love to talk to everyone about the juice and nutrition in general. To be able to offer some input and or an explanation of what the juice is capable of doing and for it to be so well received by people who are either enjoying the taste of the juice or looking to improve their lives by nutrition and actually by both. Thank you for your role. Thank you for your business. Thank you for each interaction that drives us forward. I know that I appreciate you. I know the entire team appreciates you. The Juice Core team loves this day. Again, it is the day that we all can agree that makes all the hard work worth it.

Intending that we will see you at either the Phoenix Downtown Market or the Old Town Scottsdale Market this fine Saturday morning (8am to 1pm). We wish you blessings of health and nutrition…as well as happy taste buds.

See you there!