Today I want to talk to you about Nourishment. Probably not the nourishment that you think I would normally discuss. If you are reading this than I am sure at some point you may have been down to one of the farmers market to talk to either Patty, Kelly, Katie, Taylor or myself. We offer up information on nourishing your body whenever someone wants to discuss it, or in my case, if the person has a pulse and two ears. We obviously believe in the product that we sell. We drink it religiously ourselves and we feel so amazing when we nourish our bodies with our own juice as well as the many healthy things we choose to put into our body. We all believe nourishing our bodies are key to our health and to the quality of our time while we are here.


The nourishment that I intend to talk to you about today is the nourishment of one’s soul. I JUST got back…minutes ago literally from Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Taylor and I took a road trip to go and get some fresh spring water off of 89A. While we were up there we stopped at this “hidden’ pool of water next to some cliffs. The water was freezing cold but it was so exhilerating. We had some fun and silly discussions with some wonderfully pleasant people and laughed with their children. It was beautiful.

We then went to fill our jugs at the natural spring. We patiently waited in line while jumping up and down inside. If you know us, this is very exciting. To reach out to Mother Nature and lovingly accept her gifts. We both dunked our heads in the water. We drank direct from the spicket. We smiled and interacted with the other people who were enthusiastic for the same reasons.  We felt so peaceful and grounded after. This water that is thousands of years old is literally one of the most precious items on this earth.


Then we headed back to Sedona and went to Chocolatree. A wonderful little¬†vegan cafe that has the most welcoming atmosphere and the most amazing chocolate desserts made with raw cacao and many other superfoods. We swang in the hammocks outside waiting for our food. We excitedly accepted our meals and shared them freely. There was a duo performing on a guitar and bongos and the experience was…wait for it…..nourishing!!! This is how I nourish my soul. I connect with nature. I connect with the green trees and grass. I connect with the waters in nature. The spring water and the refreshing pool of water we swam in. I connect with the amazing copilot on our trip. I connect with the many amazing friendly people and their warm smiles on a hot day. This is how I nourish my soul.


Yesterday Kelly and I made a delivery to one of our beautiful customers and his wonderful family. 3 amazingly beautiful children that spend quality time with us. Such a touching and fun experience. When we got there he was playing the guitar. He was much better than I think we both imagined he would be. He actually came out and played for us and sang his 3rd favorite song of all time. It was touching to watch him play. He poured his heart and soul into his music, sharing the experience just for us. During this performance I could see that this was one way he nourished his soul. I asked him after if he found his music nourishing. I know he answered me with words, but he didnt need to say anything. It was clear the answer was yes.

So many of us are running here and there, juggling our responsibilities of work, family, finances, school, etc. Stress depletes us. We have gotten so used to stress being a part of our daily lives yet stress honestly takes a bigger toll on us than we imagine. Allow yourself to do something that nourishes your soul. Your body will thank you for it by being able to adapt to stress better and even thrive in the moments in between and during stress. You deserve to do something that makes your soul sing. This world will produce a beautiful chorus if we all allow our souls to sing their own song. Could you imagine a world with less stress in it and healthy people walking around nourished from their tummies to their soul? I can! This is why I ask you to reconsider the prospect of nourshing your soul as well as your body.

Nourishing your soul…it does a body good!