Why Juice?

Ever ask yourself, why juice? Let Juice Core show you the way.

A.  Easy source of quickly digestible micro nutrients including antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  A quick and easy way to get your optimal servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  Eating 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables each day is far from easy for some.  Cooking destroys the micronutrients or in the least damages them.  The micronutrients boost our immune system as well.

B. Creates Energy which offers our bodies a chance to heal and detox.  Roughly 70% of our energy is expended by the process of digestion.  By removing the step of breaking food down, our bodies get the instant uptake of micronutrients without all the hard work.  We now have “extra” energy to heal our body and to remove toxins from our body.

C. Much higher success rate of these nutrients actually being digested.  Due to the high levels of toxins in our body, our body can create mucus to trap any of these toxins in various parts of our body including our digestive tract.  With this thick mucus lining, we have fewer areas in our digestive tract that are “open” to receive the nutrients.  Raw juice will instantly start to be absorbed by your body when it enters your mouth, bypassing the breaking down phase of the food.

D. Diversity!  Different colors in fruits and vegetables equal different antioxidants.  By juicing, it is much easier to ingest more of a range of different antioxidants.  EAT THE RAINBOW!!!

E. PH Balance:  Most people are woefully acidic due to the highly acidic foods such as meat, white flour, sugar, our environmental toxins and many pharmaceuticals.  Disease thrives in acidic environments.  By introducing alkalizing foods such as cold pressed juice, we can neutralize the acid in our bodies therefore potentially minimizing the risk of disease and inflammation.

F. Prevent Dehydration:  Besides the obvious of an increase in fluids and liquids, by also lowering the PH will allow the fluids to have a direct intake into the cells.  Cells will close up to protect themselves from the acid.  Introduce alkalinity and the cells will open up and intake the hydration.

G. Feel Great!  You are giving your body the nutrients that it is most likely deficient in and putting your body in an environment to thrive and minimize disease and inflammation.  Those nutrients can also give your body a glow in your eyes, your skin, your hair and your all around demeanor.  Raw foods also have a higher energy vibration which elevates your health and your mood.

What does cold pressed mean?

A. Most juicers have a blade that creates heat, friction and oxidation that break down the micronutrients.  You would want to drink these juices within an hour to reap the benefits of the juice.   We use a cold pressed machine that squeezes the fruits and vegetables without creating heat via friction or any oxidation; hence the micronutrients last much longer.  Up to 72-96 hours.  The pulp is bone dry and all the nutrients are fully extracted and in a much more pristine state.

Why Green Juice?

A. Green juice is very nutrient dense.  It also contains chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is a blood cleanser, blood builder and oxygen booster.  The more chlorophyll contained in our body, the higher the red blood cell count.  The more red blood cells the more hemoglobin present.  Hemoglobin carries oxygen to our cells.  Disease is unable to live in the presence of oxygen as well as an alkaline environment.  Chlorophyll provides both more oxygen and more alkalinity which weakens any diseased bacteria in our bodies.

B.  Chlorophyll is a potent detoxifier.    A healthy blood flow and abundance of oxygen helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins.  Chlorophyll binds with toxins such as heavy metals and helps remove them from the body.  Chlorophyll can also stimulate the bowels and is a great aid in colon cleansing.

C. Extremely low in sugar.  Continues to support no longer feeding infections and disease.

Why Detox?

A. Although our body is a self-regulating and detoxifying machine, we are so overloaded with toxins that our body and especially our liver are just unable to keep up.  We can take the stress off of our organs by helping remove this overloaded burden.  Our body will function much more efficiently in its own natural detoxifying process.

B. Lose Weight:  The body creates fat to store and trap toxins to minimize damage to the body.  If we can start to remove the toxins, the body will respond by releasing the fat stores, therefore helping one lose weight and body fat.

C. You feel better:  By releasing the toxins you are removing something that is slowly and every day causing havoc on your body.  When toxins are stored in your body, they daily cause small disruptions in your system.  They “leak” out every day.  By doing the detox you can remove the small “leak” every day.

D. Clear Skin and Shiny Hair:  With the contaminants gone, your body works more efficiently and more of the nutrients will be able to reach more “outward” organs in a healthy and efficient manner.

E. Strengthen your Immune System:  By removing the toxins, your body works much more efficiently and is able to fight off illness better and quicker.

How many days should I cleanse?

A. Any amount of cleansing can be seen as a positive.  If you are truly looking to make a difference, we would recommend at least 3 plus days.  One day will allow some toxins to release yet you will most likely see a small amount of benefits.  Those first few days you may be all detox reactions.  After a few days (depending on where your body’s health was before your cleanse), you will start to move past the detox reaction phase and start to truly release and allow healing to start to take place.  If you have a chronic condition, you may need to cleanse longer to help alleviate these conditions.  It is recommended to work with a nutritionist if you are looking to do a long term cleanse.

What about protein?

A. Vegetables do contain protein in small amounts.  Yet these are more easily digested than many other forms of protein.

B. Also protein has to be broken down into amino acids before the body can utilize its building blocks.  Vegetables are already in the amino acid state, therefore by passing the middle man.

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