Frequently Asked Questions:


What order should I drink my juices in?

We recommend you begin with one of the green juices. Your body will absorb the most nutrients first thing in the morning. The green also gives you a little kick like coffee without the caffeine, because of that, we recommend that the green not be your last juice of the evening. If you are the type that wakes up starving, you may want to drink half of your Almond Mylk in the morning and half in the evening as your last juice. Other than that you can drink them in any order.


Can I exercise?

Listen to your body. Some people may have a ton of energy while others feel like resting. Now might be the time to give your body a rest, or perhaps just some light yoga, a walk or stretching.


Why do I have a headache?

Your body is detoxifying. You may be experiencing withdrawals from sugar or caffeine. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate — drink some water or herbal tea to help relieve some of the symptoms.


What can I expect from my bowels?

You may experience over or under active bowel movements. The results are different for every person. Many people experience sluggish bowel movements, this is normal, your body is concentrating on detoxifying and absorbing nutrients.  You may supplement with a probiotic.

Why is there no fiber in the juice? Our juice is cold pressed. When the fiber has been removed your body doesn’t have to put as much energy in to the digestive process, freeing up energy to focus on eliminating toxins and healing the body.


Where can I buy your juice?

We are located at 7137 E Stetson Dr #10, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.  We are open 7:30-6:00 Monday through Saturday, 10:00-4:00 Sunday. You can shop online and have our juice delivered straight to your home or business. You can also purchase our juice at various farmers markets. We are currently Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market on Saturdays, Gilbert Farmer Market on Saturdays, and the Uptown Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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