The autumn equinox signals a change in temperature, weather, and daylight. Just as the trees shed their leaves we must release toxins through cleansing before winter. A fall detox is the perfect way to eliminate toxins from the body, boost your immune system in order to prevent seasonal colds, and recenter your mind towards healthy eating and wellbeing going into the holiday season. Detoxing the body is more important than ever before due to the large variety of environmental pollutants that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

The good news is that there are many options for detoxing and it’s important to choose a program that feels best for you. Juice fasting is a great option but it’s not necessarily for everyone. If juice fasting isn’t your cup of tea try a cleanse that involves a combination of organic fruits, vegetables, soups, and salads.The important thing is to stay away from processed and GMO foods. Our Bite Me cleanse is a great option for those looking to consume a combination of organic foods and juices while cleansing.

During your cleanse, whether it’s three days, five days or longer, care for yourself. Cleansing should be a time of healing, relaxation, and pampering. Create a daily routine that works for you; like warm water with lemon every morning to aid in flushing the digestive system, dry brushing before getting in the shower to help improve blood circulation, oil pulling right when you wake up to assist in drawing out more toxins, maybe even a self massage with coconut oil before getting in your bubble bath. Who knows, these routines may feel so good that they become a part of your daily life!