I was discussing a documentary on nutrition through email with a coworker this past week. He made a comment about the lack of awareness people have on health and if they only knew the truth then how much of an impact that would have on the nation’s health and how that would greatly impact the future of healthcare from a prevention standpoint. When I read his statement, the word awareness sprung to life. Awareness!

  When I think of nutrition I feel one of the first steps is becoming aware. It’s so easy to just grab everything and anything and eat or drink it. Food or “food like products” are everywhere you turn. Have you brought awareness into your world of food?

  I became aware a few years back. I always felt I was somewhat healthy. I paid attention to how much fat and calories were in the foods I ate. I was relatively healthy or what I perceived as healthy. The more I learned about nutrition, the more I learned about myself. I truly became aware of what made up the foods I ate or drank, and more importantly I became aware of how I felt before, during and after ingesting something.  That to me is what is so special about bringing awareness into your life and in this case into your “food life”. I was never aware that gluten didn’t agree with me and had me bloated, my skin dry and cracked in spots. Once I became aware of what gluten can do, I decided to take it out of my diet and I was overwhelmed at how my body responded to this new awareness. I lost over 20 pounds very quickly. My skin cleared up. I felt so much better. I stopped being sluggish after eating. This “experiment” sprung me into becoming much more aware of what was going into my body. I started to read labels. I started to look up ingredients I could barely pronounce and made sweeping changes to a simple diet of more whole foods and less processed foods. My body has responded very quickly and strongly to these changes. I feel better than I have in years.

  I kindly offer up to you bring some awareness into your life with the foods that you eat. Be aware of how you feel before you eat. Be aware of how you feel during eating and definitely be aware of how you feel after you finished eating or drinking. We all have different make ups to what foods work best for us. While we all are very similar, we all are very different as well. Therefore with some knowledge you may become very aware of what may be best for YOU!

  This goes for our juice as well. Please do not take our word for it. Be aware of how you feel as you are drinking it. Be aware of how you feel as you finish the bottle and definitely please be aware of how you feel within 10-15 minutes after you drink the juice. This is the factor that should determine your decision. We have had many people come by for samples and then smile and leave only to come back 30 minutes later telling us how amazing they feel. That awareness is incredibly beautiful for us to witness. They gave their body some serious nutrition and their bodies responded. There is power in knowing that you can choose something that makes you feel amazing. The decision truly lies with you. We appreciate the fact we may at times be part of your choice in health and vitality. We believe in our product more and more every day. It’s beautiful to see many of you starting to believe as well. Thank you for allowing us on your journey to health.

Just a reminder that we will only be at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market this Saturday May 26th. Patty and I look forward to seeing you there.

Blessings of health and tasty good things,