How To Cleanse

Choose a cleanse that fits for you. We are here to help you take a step in the direction of health and vitality and putting a priority on caring for yourself. We never want to see anyone push past their comfort zone so we encourage you to start slow. Try a 1 day cleanse for starters. You can build from there. It’s pretty rare to find a person that isn’t wowed enough by the benefits that doesn’t want to try more and more of our high potent juices!




It’s pretty important to prepare for a cleanse. The better prepared your system is, the greater your experience as well as the overall cleansing benefits! For 3 days prior to beginning your cleanse, we’re gonna have to ask you to give up a few things you may be used to having…

(for more specifics, see our FAQ page)

  1. Start each day with a glass of warm water with a half of lemon’s juice.
  2. Hydrate! Yes desert rats, it’s imparitive before during and after to drink at least 2 liters a day.
  3. Avoid the following:
    • Dairy and egg products
    • Meat and chicken (all poultry)
    • Fish/seafood (yes including sushi)
    • Processed sugar
    • Wheat
    • Caffeine
    • Alcohol
    • Nicotine

We know it sounds grueling, but it’s counter productive to create more of mess for the cleanse to clean up than is necessary, and you want to give it your best shot, right?  Mostly try to stick with steamed vegis, salads, fruits. You will be so glad you did this part once the cleanse starts. We’ve noticed this step helps to minimize some of the detox symptoms sometimes experienced during the actual cleanse.


During the cleanse (here we go!!)

  1. Stay hydrated-this is a big one. Keep starting your day with a glass of warm lemon juice and and water right upon awakening. Then continue throughout the day with at least 8 glasses of water. Usually it’s a great idea to have one in between each of your six juices. Herbal teas work wonderfully too.
  2. Stay well rested-It’s optimal to try and schedule your cleanse around a weekend or a time when you have the ability to take it a little easier than usual. Even allowing 10-15 minutes to lie down somewhere quiet a couple of times during the day is such a supportive and beneficial thing to do for yourself during this phase. Go to bed early, enjoy some music. Whatever your version of chill time is.
  3. Eliminate!- When you allow your body to properly cleanse, you are releasing toxins that have sometimes been stored up for years! To make sure you remove them from the system we have a few suggestions:
    • Sweat that stuff out!! Take a sauna (infra-red is great) steam or even a hot bath.
    • Exercise. Don’t go crazy but taking a vigorous walk or lifting weights can help tremendously with flushing out the bad stuff. *important* ALWAYS remember to shower afterwards as soon as possible to prevent reabsorbtion.
    • Exfolliate (hyperlink) like crazy! We recommend dry brushing your body. It’s a great practice to have anyway so invest in a good dry brush, you’ll love the added benefit of gorgeous skin.
    • Get a massage…well for cryin out loud, why wouldn’t you anyway? The great thing about that (besides that it feels amazing and you deserve it) is that it assists the movement of the toxins out of the body, which is where we want them.
    • Enemas and colonics-You were hoping we wouldn’t go there weren’t you? Well we are, because we are strong believers in assisting the exit of toxins in as many safe ways as possible. There are numerous sites to help you educate yourselves (links page?) on either of these ways to support effective evacuation. Or call us and ask (we aren’t shy about it). And as always with every part of this cleanse, get proper medical clearance from your physician PRIOR to beginning.

Even though we’ve listed some helpful things to support you, your cleanse will involve many physical experiences: both good and bad. Be gentle with yourself. You’re scrubbing off layers of toxic things that need to go…There are some common detox symptoms(link) that are common, and always remember we are here for support. We want you to succeed!


After the Cleanse

The way you come off of a cleanse is just as important as the before and during phase. Your body needs to be slowly re introduced to solid foods (the good stuff). Do your best and remember that a cleanse is NOT just the days you are taking in the juice only that make a big impact, it’s the whole process. Please don’t rush out and cram yourself with the very stuff you just worked so hard to evacuate!

  1. Day 1 – start nice and slow with smoothies, cream soups etc. Continue with plenty of water and fresh juice too.
  2. Day 2 – add some steamed vegis, salads (sticking with plenty of greens is a good thing)
  3. Day 3 – whole grains are a great next step today. Brown rice, quinoa, amaranth continuing with the vegi intake from yesterday.
    (remember the water!)
  4. Day 4 – Continue on slowly re-introducing foods (try to stick to the foods to avoid list from the “pre-cleanse” list).

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